Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I Love My Ginger Kittey

Need I say more? -Kev

Monday, July 28, 2008


More links to friends...

Just a quick word that I added blog links to a few friends. Coach Bos, Billy Bosworth, is my friend and the general manager for the SQL Server business unit at Quest Software. Heather Eichman is a long time friend and product marketing manager for EMEA and some of our best known products. She's now living in the UK and having some crazy European adventures. Finally, Andy Grant and Christian Hasker, two blokes who manage the rest of our SQL Server product marketing, are also pals newly added to the list. Check 'em out!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Our New Family Member

Emily has been pining for a kitten of her own for years. I'd always disallowed cats because I'm very allergic cats. Plus, Dylan and Anna are both allergic to cats and have asthma. Owning a cat for them can be plain dangerous for their health. However, their mom has allowed Dylan to have a cat for almost the entire year and he and Anna seems to be doing quite well.

Based on their experiences and the fact that I extracted a promises from Emily to wash the cat weekly and keep its litter box very clean, I decided to go ahead and let her take advantage of a new opportunity...

We'd had a semi-feral cat last season out in the yard that we fed and helped through the hard winter. Last fall, her brood of kitties grew into adolescence and, this spring, one of them returned to take up residence under our deck. This new mommy kitty was even more shy than her mother, so we hardly knew she was there. But it turns out that she'd had two babies of her own and as soon as Katie and Anna found out, they were under the deck - and managed to snag one of the two.

So now, the little critter is Emily's new pet and, after two weeks, is working out pretty well. Katie and Anna are totally in love with our new Pikey. And I have to admit that his fun and playful nature has won me over too.
On the other hand, cats are NOT simply small dogs. He has his own behavior and ways that are very new to me. He also loves to attack my feet and hands, pouncing on them at every opportunity. It's funny and fun, but those little teeth hurt!


Monday, July 21, 2008


Government Accountability

Once again, I'm left wondering if the current administration will keep any of its promises. At the time of the Valerie Plame incident, President Bush vowed to send to jail anyone on his staff who might've leaked the information about the high-level CIA agent. As soon as the trail towards members of his own inner circle, that promise went out the door. Now, I'm not saying that any specific person is guilty. But I believe that the justice system must and should be allowed to complete a full investigation.

This website is a lot more strident than what I normally go for. But after I watched the video, I decided to sign up. I encourage you to do the same.



Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Happy 15th Birthday Emily!

We spent a quite day at home with the family for Emily's 15th birthday.

She got gifts from me and each of the kids: an iPod Classic 80gb, an iPod Home radio & clock (from Dylan), mandolin music books (from Katie & Anna), and a nice Canon Rebel XT digital camera with a 2gb memory card.

I think that she was most happy to get the camera. She's worn that camera around more often than she wears her purse out of the house.

She also got some nice cards from her grandparents - my mom and stepdad from California and from my dad and stepmom in Alabama.

She's also really excited that she can get her learner's permit and start to practice driving. I'm a little worried about that big step, but I'm excited for her too.

I was also rather impressed with the efforts of her boyfriend, Caleb. He made a big effort to make the day extra special for her by buying her a nice neclace and pendant and then taking her out to a nice, dress-up dinner.

She was a pretty baby and is now an even prettier lady!

I love you, Emmy Tay. Happy birthday!




It's the Economy Stupid

Sometimes all a prophet has to do is speak truth to power. The Old Testament showed examples of that over and over again. Most of the minor propehts of the Old Testament simply spoke out against the people in power who thought they were righteous while oppressing the poor. For some reason, this Daily Show video had me laughing and thinking about the Old Testament:


Once again, this show really has stolen the initiative from real media outlets. Why doesn't real media do something, anything, about government accountability?

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


She was fun while she lasted

Our beloved little hamster, Pippy Loo, reached the end of her little hamster lifespan. She was actually only middle-aged for a hamster, but evidently got an infection in her lungs that did her in in very short order. She was playing and running on her wheel on Sunday night and breathing her last by Tuesday. Very sad, but the kids and I had a little burial for her that seemed to give everone some good closure.
And everyone got over the loss pretty quickly when I promised a new hamster. Pippy Loo was very tame and a real joy (as much as a hamster can be). Here's hoping that our new hamster is just as good.


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