Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Yummy Carbs, Evil Carbs


I've felt rather blessed in terms of not struggling too much with my weight. On the other hand, I want to hit a new level of physical fitness and so, as a consequence, I've decided to cut back on the carbs.

It's been two weeks now and, with a few minor lapses, I'm getting used to eating low carb. What's really amazing about low carb is how quickly the weight melts away. I'll allow myself the equivalent of four slices of bread (40g), in case I want a couple sandwiches for lunch, in a single day. But most days I actually consume a lot less carbs than that. The only hard part has been giving up ice cream at night before bed. I'm sure that Purity Dairies miss my business. But, otherwise, it's pretty easy. I don't even have a problem skipping the chips at Cinco De Mayo, my favorite Mexican restaurant.

We'll check back in a couple months to report how the weight loss program is going. Cheers!

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I'm So Happy With You, Daddy


This is the sort of look I get whenever I ask Katie for a hug or kiss. I hope it gets better when she's a teenager or else I'm done for!
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Sometimes They Argue. And Sometimes ...


...they don't. Yeah, it's like that pretty much all the time. Overall, it's a really positive and really cute relationship.
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Monday, February 07, 2011

Live in the Atlanta area? Join me this Wed evening at the Microsoft office for a session on SQL Server Internals: www.atlantamdf.com

Thursday, February 03, 2011


Cheese! Really Fine Cheese!


Rachel and I both love certain kinds of fine quality, artisanal cheeses. One of our most favorite is 2-3 yr aged gouda. It's bizarre and probably not for everyone. But neither is crack and look how some people love that stuff.

Anyway, I was at a hoity-toity party given by a huge corporation with very deep pockets. So imagine my surprise when I saw them serving up all-you-can-eat fine cheeses that run $10-14/lb. Wow! I ate all I could stand and then, for good measure, had to send Rachel a picture. Tee hee.

The aged gouda is on the top tier of the serving tray.
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Wednesday, February 02, 2011



This gigantic Lego castle was a fun little project that the girls and I tackled on a cold winter night. The girls didn't even realize you could do stuff like this with Legos. Shame on me for not showing them earlier.


The bad news is that Dylan took all of the Legos over to his apartment. So we can't do another project until I buy a whole new set of Legos -- which I think I'll do very soon!
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Pikey Does His Thing


I never suspected that I could be a cat person. But this little guy, who was dragged in from the wild by Katie as a infant kitten, has changed my mind. It's no secret that cats are not simply small dogs. They're behavior is completely different. But he won me over. Maybe it's because he mostly just lays around and naps?
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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

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