Friday, April 30, 2010


Little Lady Anna

Anna Lynn (on left, above) turns 11 today.

A blessing and a joy, in every way.

She's a senorita loco
When she puts on a birhtday sombrero



Sunday, April 25, 2010


Surprises from Katie

We had a little cook-out today for the family to celebrate the birthdays of Savannah (12), Kaylee (11), and Anna (11, and 3 days younger than Kaylee). Rachel's folks came over, plus a couple close cousins and their families. It was great to have a wide variety of kids of various ages in the house.

Something happened, however, which really surprised me. Katie (8) has never paid much attention to kids littler than her. But somehow, for some unknown reason, Katie was really taken with tiny little Erlin and pre-kindergarten Ben. I'd never seen maternalism in Katie before. But again, much to my surprise, she happily took Erlin by the hand and led her and Ben out to play. She stuck by little Erlin's side the whole time, pushed her on the swing, looked out for her on the trampoline, and otherwise had a great time being a great host.

Like I said - never seen that before and had no reason to expect it. But it was wonderful to see it happen on it's own!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Something I'd Always Wanted to See in Person

Ever since I'd first seen pictures of it as a kid flipping through my parent's National Geographic, I'd always wanted to see the Grand Canyon in person.

Rachel and I were able to share that first brief glimpse together last month. It was a really magical moment and one that we both hope to enjoy again, with the kids and over the course of a couple days.

Although the pictures are marvelous and amazing, the truth is that they don't do justice to this amazing national treasure. It truly is an inspiring sight.


Saturday, April 10, 2010


Lotsa Snow in Feb

2010 has been a pretty unusual month, weather-wise. Although the temperatures weren't all that bad, we had more snow that I can remember in years. It seems like the girls didn't go to school on a Monday or Tuesday for the entire month of February, maybe even January too.

On the other hand, I got to teach Savannah, Kaylee, and Ava how to sled. They'd never really done that before and it was great fun seeing them get the hang of it.
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Stretch! Girls at Gymnastics Practice

The gymnastics studio were Katie and Anna have gymnastics every Thursday night has a weird sort of loft where all the parents can look down on their girls at play. I've had plenty of laughs up there and a few uh-oh moments. But mostly, I'm really impressed with the progress Katie and Anna have made.
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