Friday, January 20, 2006


I'm a changed man!

Ok, the heading is overly dramatic. But something weird is definitely happening to me. I now crave chocolate ice cream and have no interest whatsoever in vanilla ice cream. I've lived for 39 years loving vanilla about all others, but no more. Now I wants da choklat! Strangeness indeed!


Gee, we all seem to be having major mid-life changes going on, hunh? Welcome to the club.
Maybe you're just finally wising up to the ways of the world? Huh? Y'know - chocolate = yum! Vanilla = blah! Now, if ya add some chocolate syrup to vanilla, then it makes it allllllright.
Sam - if this is my major mid-life change, then I'm a-okay content

LOL - Kender, can it be there you're wearing off on me even when you're not here?

You're doing a black girl? What? What are you trying to tell us?!!!
Steve & Siren - yes, I'm doing a black girl and I got pregnant by her. So the black-n-white together must be what makes me the Zebraman, right? LOL!
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