Saturday, October 13, 2007


World Famous Sydney

Everyone recognizes the world famous Sydney opera house. I consider myself a lucky duck to have taken a harbor ride right next to the darned thing. The only thing that could be cooler than seeing a world famous landmark is to see a world famous landmark in the arms of someone you love. (sigh...)

I was really fortunate to be able to dine with several friends from Quest - James Delve, Prasant Moorthy, and Vanessa Barcellona. We road a JetCat from the pier right next to the Opera House out to Manly, a very posh suburb of Sydney. There, we ate at a very good restaurant called "Ribs & Rumps" where I was tasted "roo" for the first time. (And NO, despite what the name might make you think, Ribs & Rumps was NOT a strip club!) The kangaroo was cooked medium and was heavily covered in sauce, which was a good thing considering how dry the meat was. It's an incredibly lean meat with a bit of chew and a somewhat stringier texture than beef. It reminded me most of venison.
Someday, I'll be able to explore the city at a leisurely pace and enjoy all that Australia's first city has to offer.

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I made a model of the Opera House in 10th grade. I wish I was there or you were here...:(
Let's be honest now - you wish you were here in Oz! ;^)

My verification word was WIDWTFD, which translates as "What'd I do? What the f---, dude?" (grin)

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